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How we use cookies:

On our website we use one cookie as follows:

  • When you use the search facility (present on every screen in the top right-hand corner) the text that you enter is stored in a cookie so it can be passed to the search results screen. This cookie is kept just for your current session.

    If you were to disable cookies, then the search facility would not be able to function.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and used by the various websites that you visit. A cookie can only ever be read by the website that created it in the first place. They are used to store information pertinent to your use of a website.

Cookies can be created just for your current session, after which they are deleted, or can be kept permanently on your hard disk. Without these cookies, many websites would not be able to function correctly. For example, cookies will be used by websites to record in your shopping basket items that you wish to purchase. Or they could be used to store your login information for a particular site. Other sites may use them to track pages you have looked at or products that you've searched for to make your next visit more meaningful.

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