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What is a makeover?
How does it differ from an ordinary portrait session...?

Makeovers are for ladies who want to look extra special, as though they have been photographed for the cover of a magazine. Whereas an ordinary session for one person will usually take about thirty minutes, your makeover session will take at least two hours.

Our qualified Makeover Artist will apply your make-up, then in the studio Maddie will take plenty of fabulous portraits.



What to wear...
Come to the Studio with your hair already done, but without make-up - relax and enjoy being pampered while our make-up artist enhances your looks for the camera; the camera 'absorbs' make-up so we use special make-up. Go out and look glamorous for the rest of the day!

Bring up to six changes of favourite clothes. For close-up portraits we recommend you bring tops with interesting necklines. For full-length be elegant or casual, everything from ball-gowns to jeans - both will look fabulous. Deep or pastel colours, white or black, all are stylish, but it's best to avoid busy patterns.

Jewellery, earrings and necklaces are great. If you are a 'hat-person' bring along your favourites. We have a size 14 fur coat and one or two 'wedding' type hats at the Studio, also feather-boas and lacy gloves. Contact lenses are fine but, sorry, glasses are not allowed!

Although the session fee is more than an ordinary session you can now perhaps understand what goes on ... the good news is the price of the portraits you choose are the same as an ordinary session. So whether you are wanting an album collection or a portrait for the wall you will be enjoying the same value for money.

Take note! Makeovers are FUN so don't book your session after a busy night out nor when you have to rush off to meet the kids from school!
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