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     Portrait Session

Our brown background is for traditional portraits of a more formal style.

Our white background, tinted by the studio lighting, is modern and stylish. Ideal for babies and young children and small families, especially if you're wanting informal, less posed portraits.

The Session...

We try always to provide as much variety as possible in every set of photographs. Usually we will take about ten different studies, sometimes many more, depending on the number of people in your group and your personal requirements.

We like to suggest that we take head and shoulders, three quarters and full length portraits (which may include shoes) so come prepared.

For families we take several shots in different poses to capture the best expressions from everyone. Then we like to photograph different combinations: parents together (especially important if you haven't been photographed since your wedding day), and parents separately. Then children separately and together. Also Mum and sons, Dad and daughters etc.

Remember, if we don't take it, you won't have the choice later when you come to view your portraits.

For a full family session with four or more people please allow about 45 to 75 minutes.


What to wear...

It really makes a difference to a portrait when everyone co-ordinates their clothes. That goes for style, patterns and colour too.

Everyone casual or everyone formal, it doesn't matter so long as everyone dresses in the same style. Dress as if you were going out for the evening to a smart restaurant for more formal shots, or jeans and a casual top for a relaxed look (best to avoid words on t-shirts). Busy patterns should be avoided - solid colours are best. Similar tones look good, matching colours look stunning.


If possible, avoid short, tight miniskirts and tops with no sleeves; we recommend long sleeves. The camera seems to absorb make-up, so wear just a little more than usual, or at least a little eye make-up and lipstick.


If you wear a jacket, a quarter of an inch of shirt-cuff below the jacket sleeve is essential to looking smart for formal portraits. If you wear black trousers, wear black or dark socks (and shoes) and vice versa for white or light coloured trousers.

Babies and young children

Bare legs and little toes look really sweet on youngsters. Hats and caps look cute and towelling nappies look more photogenic than disposable ones. Please do bring a special toy or teddy to have photographed with your child, in time it's surprising how easy it is to forget their favourite toys. Don't forget Christening gowns too.


We love pets...dogs, cats, rabbits, horses....your family's friend. Animals do have plenty of expressions, and we have several wonderful ways to entice that look, and plenty of patience!

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